I study the origin of planets, moons, and solar systems using N-body and smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations. I'm currently a PhD candidate at the University of Zürich in Switzerland where, along with my advisors, Professor Ben Moore and Dr Joachim Stadel, I'm trying to answer the question – what kind of worlds are out there? You can find me on LinkedIn, Research Gate and Google Scholar. Feel free to catch up with me at any of the following events:

Date Name Location
26-27 January 2019 Applied Machine Learning Days Lausanne, Switzerland
28-30 January 2019 PlanetS General Assembly Interlaken, Switzerland
21 February 2019 Planet Formation Meeting Lund, Sweden
25-28 February 2019 SEED2019 – Blockchain in Science Davos, Switzerland
27-31 May 2019 ASES3 – Demographics of Exoplanets Vietri sul Mare, Italy
12-14 June 2019 PASC19 Zürich, Switzerland
1-4 July 2019 AstroMundus Retreat Petnica, Serbia
19-23 August 2019 Extreme Solar Systems IV Reykjavik, Iceland
9-11 September 2019 PlanetS JURA 2019 Vitznau, Switzerland
26-27 September 2019 AI and the Scientific Method Zürich, Switzerland
25-29 January 2020 Applied Machine Learning Days Lausanne, Switzerland



planetary system
Celestial Mechanics

Planetary systems with multiple planets exhibit curious dynamical behaviors that reveal clues about how they were formed.

the moon
Origin of the Moon

How did our Moon form? Are moons like ours rare in the cosmos or do we expect to find them around other planets?

Planet Formation

What kind of planets will we find in the cosmos? Cutting-edge simulations are helping us answer this question.

Computational Astrophysics

What astrophysical objects and phenomena can we simulate? We're developing new methods and codes to find out.

Stellar Habitability

What effect does a star have on the planets that orbit it? What does this mean for potential life on those planets?

Giant Impacts

What happens when two planets collide? Can we see it when these events occur around other stars?

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Spiral Arms


Post-Impact Atmosphere


Origin of the Moon


Sprial Arms


Spiral Arms


Spiral Arms


Equatorial Bands


Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability

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Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my research or if you encounter any problems with the website or tools provided here. If you're interested in discussing science over a cup of coffee, check the About section above to see a list of upcoming conferences I plan to attend. If you're a student looking for the course website, you can find it under Teaching at the top of the page. For all astrological inquiries, please contact Claudio Valetta.

Physical Address

Institute for Computational Science
University of Zurich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8059 Zurich, Switzerland